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Graymatter Ventures invests in early stage technology startups in Arizona. We look for passion, drive and pragmatism under a truly entrepreneur driven model. We invest in people, not companies.


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Talking to some of today's most badass leaders about how they arrived where they are today.

Driven & Co. Ep.5 – Knowing When to Seize an Opportunity

Justin Gray June 27, 2016 Posted In Driven, Podcast

In this episode of the “Driven: How Did I Get Here?” podcast, host Justin Gray talks ...

Driven & Co. Ep.4 – When to Embrace Leadership

Justin Gray June 25, 2016 Posted In Driven, Podcast

Douglas Karr joins host Justin Gray in episode 4 of the “Driven: How Did I Get Here? ...

Driven & Co. Ep.3 – When Hard Work and Hustle Yields Dividends

Justin Gray June 22, 2016 Posted In Driven, Podcast

Kathy Sacks, founder, investor, consultant, joins Justin Gray on this episode of the “Driven: ...

Driven & Co. Ep.1 – Finding Success in the Unconventional

Justin Gray June 21, 2016 Posted In Driven, Podcast

In this inaugural episode, Craig Rosenberg, co-founder and chief analyst at TOPO, switches ...

Driven & Co. Ep.2 – Learning to Trust and Act On Your Instincts

Justin Gray June 21, 2016 Posted In Driven, Podcast

In this episode, serial entrepreneur Pat Sullivan, CEO of Ryver and self-described paradox, ...

About Justin

I build businesses because I'm unemployable.

Today, I'm the CEO and founder of LeadMD, the world’s most trusted marketing operations agency. We focus on transforming marketing into a revenue center and specialize in Marketo, Engagio & to make it all work.

In addition to LeadMD, I also co-founded a SaaS payment technology provider,
and Greyson Organics, an organic farm in rural Missouri with my father.

That brings us to the present where I'm launching an edtech startup (still in private beta) to distribute the wealth of knowledge and best practices LeadMD has established over the years. We call it Six Bricks.

Finally, I love learning, the written word and talking to business leaders and practitioners alike. In 2008 I left my job as a VP of Marketing and Sales in a small niche industry with almost no personal platform. Today, I've become a recognized speaker and author published 400+ times in major publications. In 2017 I embarked on my own column, 'Tribal Leadership', in Inc. while maintaining features in Entrepreneur, TechCrunch and others. My wife Jennifer is a saint. We are expecting our first, a son, literally any day now.

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