Driven & Co. Ep: 29 – Meet the CEO Making Medicine Healthier

Driven & Co. Ep: 29 – Meet the CEO Making Medicine Healthier

On this episode of the Driven & Co. podcast, host Justin Gray welcomes David Johnson, Cofounder and CEO of Genexa, to the show. They discuss David’s fascinating career pivots before becoming an entrepreneur, and what health trend sparked the idea for Genexa. Plus, David shares the advice that made the biggest impact on him as a CEO.w

Driven & Co. Ep: 28 – From Startup to Stay-At-Home Dad to CEO

Anand Iyer, Founder and CEO of Trusted, talks with host Justin Gray about pausing his career to spend time as a stay-at-home dad, finding the perfect co-founder to launch a startup and bringing trusted childcare into new markets across America – all on this episode of Driven & Co.

Driven & Co. Ep: 26 – When the Teacher Becomes the Master – One Entrepreneur’s Journey to Educate Real Estate Investors

Joshua Dorkin is the founder and CEO of BiggerPockets. This week host Justin Gray welcomes Josh on to talk about the biggest real estate mistake he ever made, how it inspired him to start a company to educate and empower real estate investors, and what it was like to be a solopreneur for eight years before scaling his team.

Driven & Co. Ep.21 – Reaching for the Stars: One Entrepreneur’s Quest to Stop the Spread of Illness

On the latest episode of Driven: How Did I Get Here?, host Justin Gray welcomes Inder Singh, Founder and CEO of Kinsa. Justin gets the scoop on Inder’s quest to become an astronaut, his work at the Clinton Health Access Initiative and his mission as an entrepreneur to help track and stop the spread of illness.

Driven & Co. Ep.10 – Two Marketing Rockstars

Two powerhouse content marketers –– Joe Pulizzi and Jason Miller ––join host Justin Gray in this episode of “Driven: How Did I Get Here?” podcast. Joe Pulizzi is the founder of Content Marketing Institute, author of Content Inc, and a speaker and entrepreneur. Jason Miller is the global content marketing leader for Linkedin, best selling author, and rock and roll photographer.